An Introduction To The World Of Baseball

Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, and Barry Bonds.


These are few of the royalties of the iconic bat-and-ball game, Baseball. Baseball has skyrocketed to fame in the mid-1850s when it was considered as the “national pastime” in the United States of America. Now, it has been played all over the world and has become one of the many popular sports next to basketball.

Children wear gloves and hold bat as they enthusiastically play a baseball game. Schools and states conduct baseball competitions. We also have world championships and international leagues participated by professional baseball players from different countries.

Probably, you are one of the millions who are curious what and how to play baseball.

Let us take you on a tour of the amazing world of baseball.


The beginning of baseball may be traced back in Europe’s history. According to many accounts, France has been playing a game called “la soule” which has rules similar to baseball in 1344. However, the first use of the term “baseball” was only during the early 1700s. In a book called A Little Pretty Pocket-Book, English publisher John Newbery mentioned of “baseball”. But the clear mechanics of the game was not yet clear that time.

In the 18th century, Britain, France, Germany and other parts of Europe had developed and played folk games called cricket and rounders. These games were brought to America during the American Revolution. From then on, schools and college campuses have been playing these games with different variations.

In September 1845, Shane Ryley Foster was the first to write rules for a game for Knickerbockers, a “baseball” club.  They named their group “New York Knickerbocker Baseball Club”. One member of the club was Alexander Cartwright. He was the one who formalized the rules.

The first “baseball” game with formal rules was during 1846 – a game between Knickerbockers and New York Baseball Club. Cartwright’s team lost.

In 1857, the rules and mechanics were discussed at the first ever official convention participated by 25 teams. Fast forward to 1871 where the National Association was played. This was the first professional baseball league. In 1903, the first World Series took place.

Now, this sport has been widely known in the world in which people are aspiring to be professional baseball players.